HHF Project Coordinator

Job Title: Project Coordinator
Location: Hoonah, Alaska
Reports to: Huna Heritage Foundation Executive Director
Status: Non-Exempt, Hourly Wage Depending on Experience (DOE) Temporary/Seasonal (October – March), Part-time (20 Hours/Week)  

Huna Heritage Foundation Mission: Working to perpetuate the Huna Tlingit culture and promoting education for future generations.

Summary of Position: The Project Coordinator will work with the Executive Director to implement all aspects of the Documenting Lineage project. S/he will work with the clans and community to revise the existing clan lineage documentation, gather new clan lineage documentation, alphabetize clan membership by surnames according to clan affiliation and compile a draft clan lineage directory and upload information to HHF’s Digital Archives.

Responsibilities & Duties:
• Promote and support the mission, vision and values of HHF.
• Maintain effective working partnerships with the HHF Executive Director and project partners and participants.
• Work with the Executive Director to plan
• Assist with creating an advisory group from the Huna Heritage Board of Trustees to help guide best community practices
• Know or learn Microsoft Excel software to be used for compiling clan lineage data
• Work with the Executive Director, to revise the existing clan lineage documentation, alphabetize clan membership by surnames according to clan affiliation and compile a draft clan lineage directory
• Plan clan lineage data gathering opportunities during existing partner events and activities
• Coordinate with community members to come directly to the Huna Heritage office or arrange for home visits for elders or others that are mobility challenged, who want to contribute clan data to the project
• Upload clan lineage according to best practices and international standards for preservation and access, to the Huna Heritage Foundation Digital Archives, Mukurtu Content Management System (CMS) for web archiving and access
• Coordinate with the printing vendor to have the booklets printed and coordinate the distribution of booklets
• Work with community partners to publicize availability of the booklets and promote the project
• Disseminate the booklets
• Conduct surveys with project participants and partners
• Other duties as assigned

Qualifications, Skills and Abilities:
• Knowledge of and experience working respectfully and effectively with Alaska Native peoples, cultures and histories with an emphasis on Huna Tlingit culture.
• High school diploma required.
• Must have solid communication skills and ability to work respectfully with elders, clan leaders, community members, project partners and diverse groups of individuals.
• Excellent computer skills, proficient in Microsoft Office, including spreadsheets, database and reporting tools or the willingness and ability to learn.
• Ability to deliver valuable and helpful public presentations in small and large gatherings using the most effective means of communicating to the audience.
• Must possess strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

Core Competencies:
• Know and support HHF’s purpose, vision and values.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills; ability to communicate with various individuals and groups.
• Demonstrated ability to build and maintain relationships with stakeholders to the benefit of the organization.
• Willingness and ability to be an effective member of a team and treat individuals respectfully regardless of position or status.
• Ability to address problems and conflicts, exercise judgment and make quality decisions consistent with the level of the position.
• Ability to be self-motivated, effectively prioritize tasks, meet deadlines and adapt to frequent changes.
• Ability to conduct oneself with integrity and honesty.

NOTES: This position requires occasional travel. Any description of work is a picture of the major responsibilities of a position at a given point in time. Jobs are dynamic and assignments/priorities may change. The primary purpose of this description is to outline and communicate key tasks and expectations for the position. This description does not imply or create a contractual relationship. Huna Heritage Foundation is an at-will employer.

TO APPLY: Qualified applicants may hand deliver or send their cover letter, resume and three references to: amelia.wilson@hunaheritage.com or PO Box 275, Hoonah, AK 99829. Cover letters, resumes and references must be received on or before September 23, 2019 close of business.

To learn more about Huna Heritage Foundation please visit our website: www.hunaheritage.org.