Shareholder Notice 2/16/17

Shareholder Notice:

If you did not receive your direct deposit yesterday, February 15, 2017 please call Huna Totem Corporation 789-8500 to update your contact and/or banking information. Shareholders must have current contact information on file with Huna Totem Corporation. To change your address online, please visit to register your Shareholder profile and submit an address change.

Katelyn Savland
Shareholder Relations Manager

February 2017 SST Amount Announced $3.01/share

The Huna Totem Corporation Shareholders Settlement Trust Board of Trustees met on February 7, 2017 and declared a distribution from the 2016 Trust Net Cash Income equal to $263,676 or $3.01 per unit, to shareholders on record as of February 7, 2017. This distribution was determined in accordance with the Trust's distribution policy, which provides for annual distributions equaling 60% of the Trust's net cash income. 

The Trust generated a positive Net Cash Income for 2016, totaling $934,404.

Together with this February distribution, the Trust has paid out a total of $52.8 million to Trust Shareholders since its creation in 1995 and still remains a balance equal to $35.8 million. HTC invested in the Trust in order to provide future earnings and distributions for current and future shareholders. 

Checks will be mailed and direct deposit accounts will be credited on Wednesday, February 15, 2017. Shareholders not currently benefiting from our direct deposit services may register on the Huna Totem Corporation's shareholder portal or contact Katelyn Savland, Shareholder Relations Manager at the Huna Totem Corporation office to enroll. 

Office Closed 3/27 for Seward's Day


In observance of Seward's Day, Huna Totem Corporation offices will be closed:

  • Monday, March 27

We will reopen on Tuesday, March 28, 2017




Hoonah Memorial Hall Website

Visit the Hoonah Community Hall Website to stay up-to-date with project, share stories and pictures of the ANB/ANS halls, and donate to the construction fund.

Click on the link below to be redirected

Gunalcheesh everyone!

ISP Announces 2017 Neighbor's Days

Icy Strait Point announces 3 Fantastic Neighbors Days in 2017! Tickets are now available for purchase. Awesome deals on discounted ZipRider and other tours are available to purchase at Icy Strait Point for discounted prices, including  ATV, Alaska's Wildest Kitchen, and more! Don’t forget to mark your calendar!

  • Saturday, May 27, 2017
  • Sunday, June 25, 2017
  • Saturday, August 26, 2017 - Jeet's Challenge 8.5 Mile Race

The itinerary for all 2017 dates is as follows:

8:30 a.m. - Depart Juneau   10:30 a.m. - Arrive at ISP 
Spend your day enjoying all there is to offer at Icy Strait Point!
5:30 p.m. - Depart ISP        7:30 p.m. Arrive in Juneau 

To book your ticket please visit

Shareholder 1099-Div Reminder

This is a reminder that only Huna Totem Corporate Dividends are taxable; the Shareholder Settlement Trust distributions are non-taxable. Because there was not a corporate dividend in December of 2016, shareholders will not receive a 1099. If you have any questions, please contact Shareholder Relations at 907-789-8500 or

2017 Election Results

Gunalcheesh to everyone who attended our 43rd Annual Meeting this past Saturday!

Annual Election Results:         
Darrell Toby Brown: 78,108
Russell A. Dick : 38,133
Bertha M. Franulovich: 30,876         
Paul White Jr.: 14,887

Other/Write-in: 6,665
Quorum: 5,493             
Total Voting Percentage: 67.53%

Officers elected at a reorganizational Board meeting following the Annual Meeting are as follows: Edward M. Davis, Chairman; Anthony W. Lindoff, Vice Chair; and Ozzie Sheakley, Secretary.



August 2017 SST Amount Announced $1.11/unit

The Huna Totem Shareholder Settlement Trust Board of Trustees met on August 8, 2017 and declared a distribution to Shareholders in the amount of $94,236, or $1.11/unit, with a record date of August 8, 2017. This distribution is the first of three potential payments to Shareholders in accordance with the Trust’s distribution policy, which provides for annual distributions equaling 60% of the Trust’s net cash income for the year. The remaining two distributions will occur on November 15, 2017, and February 15, 2018.

This distribution is 2.5 times greater than the distribution to Shareholders in August of 2016, or a $0.79/unit increase. The Trust has experienced substantial growth in the marketplace during 2017, compared to 2016. This growth will benefit both the Shareholders via increased distributions, as well as the Trust, with the remaining 40% of cash income reinvested back into the Trust portfolio.

Checks will be mailed and direct deposit accounts credited on Tuesday, August 15, 2017. Shareholders not benefiting from our direct deposit services may find the form on Huna Totem Corporation’s website,, or contact Katelyn Savland, Shareholder Relations Manager, at the Huna Totem office to enroll.

Early Bird and Door Prize Winners

Gunalchéesh to everyone that attended our Annual Meeting June 17, 2017!

Our 2017 Early Bird and Door Prize winners are as follows:

Early Bird- $200.00

Richard Dalton Jr. Hoonah, AK
Valerie Hillman Juneau, AK
Suzanne Lindoff Hoonah, AK
Caroline Peterson Hoonah, AK
Olga Simpson Ketchikan, AK
Kolbjorn Skaflestad Hoonah, AK
Yolanda Snively Sitka, AK
Walleen Williams Anchorage, AK
Wilfred Wolfe Hoonah, AK
Vivian Wright Sitka, AK


Door Prize- $100.00

Marion Berry Seattle, WA
Janice Craver Grosvenordale, CT
Frank Fulmer Jr. Seattle, WA
John Gregory Juneau, AK
Shawna Howland Hoonah, AK
Johanna Iverson Hoonah, AK
Vera Jackson Juneau, AK
Theresa Patterson Seattle, WA
Amy Schoonover Juneau, AK
Jeff Williams Juneau, AK

The early bird and door prizes were open to all shareholders who voted in the annual election, either in person at the meeting or by proxy. You did not need to be present to win. They were mailed out on Monday June 19, 2017 to the addresses on file. Winners should contact our office with questions!

Other prizes were given away in person at the Annual Meeting, including HTC gear, including one Huna Totem Corporation jacket won by Mildred Jack, and three Huna Totem Corporation swag bags worth $35.00 won by Natalie Elias, Harriet Leblanc, and Diane Carrier.

Two Sweaters donated by Icy Strait Point won by Ruth Hotch and Don Stivers. Three Jars of Smoked Sockeye donated by Dear North won by Bill Wilson. One $100 Fuel Card to Hoonah Trading won by Mary Erickson. Shareholders were required to be present to win the 2nd drawing.



HTC Recruiting an Accounting Intern

Visit Huna Totem Corporation's "Careers" tab to view current job openings within HTC and its subsidiary companies.

Current Openings:

  • HTC Accounting Intern $15/hr
Please view the full job description on our Careers tab. If you are interested in applying, please send your resume and cover letter, transcripts, and intern application to