2019 Board Election is now underway!

Huna Totem Corporation Board Election Proxy Materials were mailed today to shareholders on record as of April 17, 2019.

Please note that the Early Bird Voting Deadline is May 10, 2019. Last day that proxies may be received in the mail by Elgee Rehfeld LLC, Inspectors of Election is 5:00pm, June 12, 2019.

If you haven't voted your proxy by then, you may do so at the Annual Meeting that will be held at the Adventure Center at Icy Strait Point, Hoonah, AK on June 15, 2019.

To see where your materials were mailed to, sign into your MYHUNATOTEM shareholder account today by clicking the link below:


2019 Board Election Results

Gunalcheesh to everyone who attended our 45th Annual Meeting this past Saturday!

Annual Election Results:

Anthony W. Lindoff: 45,000
Edward M. Davis: 41,311
Wm. O. "Ozzie" Sheakley: 40,477
Lisa Young: 24,797
Other/Write-in: 5,114
Quorum: 11,274
Total Voting Percentage: 65.12%

Officers elected at a re-organizational Board meeting following the Annual Meeting are as follows: Edward M. Davis, Chairman; Anthony Lindoff, Vice Chair; and Ozzie Sheakley, Secretary.

45th Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Adventure Center at Icy Strait Point

108 Cannery Road Hoonah, AK 99829

Registration begins at 3:30pm

Call to Order at 4:00pm

What is an Annual Meeting?

An annual meeting of a corporation is a gathering of shareholders of the corporation. Every corporation is required to hold an annual meeting. The annual meeting includes the election of directors whose terms are up for renewal.

The Huna Totem Board of Directors oversees the direction of your corporation. One of the most important responsibilities of being a Huna Totem shareholder is to select well qualified individuals to serve on the Huna Totem Board and the Huna Totem Annual Meeting is the forum to do so. Meeting attendance is limited to Huna Totem shareholders and their immediate family members (i.e., spouse, children) and/or stock custodians.

Notice of Annual Meeting

Official notices were mailed to shareholders on record with Huna Totem as of April 17, 2019 with proxy materials.

Election of Huna Totem Directors

Huna Totem shareholders are responsible for ensuring the long-term strength of the corporation by electing a board of directors. In addition to providing guidance and leadership, the Board establishes policies for achieving Huna Totem’s corporate mission and strategic goals. Shareholders may by a proxy vote by Wednesday, June 12th by 5:00pm or vote in-person at the Annual Meeting.



Annual Meeting - Early Bird and Door Prize Winners

Gunalchéesh to everyone that attended our Annual Meeting June 15, 2019!

Our 2019 Early Bird and Door Prize winners are as follows:

Early Bird- $200.00

Brooke Lampe Hoonah, AK
Angela McIntosh
D'lberville, MS
Amanda McKinley
Juneau, AK
Donna Willard
Hoonah, AK
Samson Howard
Wasilla, AK
Oliver Felton
Homer, AK
Jeremy Dandoy
Las Vegas, NV
Robert Wolfe
Hoonah, AK
Ernest Moy
Federal Way, WA
Sarah Lampe Hoonah, AK

Door Prize- $100.00

Tauno Hill
Juneau, AK
Thomas James
Hoonah, AK
John Hanson Anchorage, AK
Edna Dick Hoonah, AK
Victor Bean Jr. Hoonah, AK
Gary Brown Sr. Hoonah, AK
Gregory Martin  Juneau, AK
Joseph Robison Mt. Vernon, WA
Karen Hinchman Hoonah, AK
Sueann Gregory Juneau, AK

Early bird winners and door prizes were open to all shareholders who voted in the annual election, either in person at the meeting or by proxy. You did not need to be present to win. They will be mailed out on Monday, June 17, 2019 to the addresses on file. Winners should contact our office with questions! Early bird deadline was May 10, 2019.

Other prizes were given away in-person at the Annual Meeting, included: a round-trip ticket on Alaska Seaplanes won by Geraldine Cheslock, an ISP Dinner for two at Duck Point Smokehouse won by Hattie Dalton, an ISP Dinner for two at Duck Point Smokehouse won by Cornelia Koenig, and an ISP Tour of Choice by Marilyn Hillman.

February 2019 SST Distribution Announced $3.94/unit

The Huna Totem Corporation Shareholders Settlement Trust Board of Trustees met on February 5, 2019, and in accordance with the Trust’s distribution policy, declared the third and final 2018 dividend distribution amount of $345,144 to unit holders, or $3.94 per unit, with a record date of February 5, 2019. Combined with the first and second distribution of the year, the Trust provided a total distribution to unit holders of $11.95/unit for 2018 or $1,195.00 per 100 units.

“How we evaluate the Trust’s performance and improve upon its structure could provide even greater benefit to today’s owners and future generations of owners. Our continued goal is to create stable and growing dividends through improvement of Trust policies that provide growth in assets for future generations,” said Huna Totem President & CEO, Russell Dick.“The Board of Trustees is looking forward to meeting with the unit holders during the 10-year review process in 2019, and discussing new ways to ensure sustainable, dependable distributions while allowing for the continued growth of the Trust.”

Checks will be mailed and direct deposit accounts will be credited on Friday, February 15, 2019. Shareholders not currently benefiting from our direct deposit services are encouraged to register on the Huna Totem Corporation’s shareholder portal www.myhunatotem.com or contact Katelyn Savland, Shareholder Relations Manager, at the Huna Totem Corporate office before February 8, 2019 to enroll.


Huna Totem Corporation Partners with Norwegian Cruise Lines

On Thursday, December 6, 2018, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. announced a long-term partnership with Huna Totem Corporation to develop a second cruise pier in Icy Strait Point. The second pier is scheduled to be completed for the summer 2020 season. The new pier allows Norwegian to increase its calls to Icy Strait Point and is designed to accommodate larger Breakaway Plus-class ships to visit our authentic Alaskan experience.

For complete details, including comments from our CEO Russell Dick, click this link to read the entire press release:






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This is an important strategic beginning to Huna Totem’s Going Green Initiative. This powerful, secure new shareholder online resources gives Shareholders greater access to their information and by minimizing paper transaction is better for the environment! You may also access the www.MyHunaTotem.com portal from your smartphone.

Summary of New Features Shareholders have access to:

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