2018 Early Bird and Door Prizes

Gunalchéesh to everyone that attended our Annual Meeting June 16, 2018!

Our 2018 Early Bird and Door Prize winners are as follows:

Early Bird- $200.00

Darrel Brown Juneau, AK
Jacqueline Dick Hoonah, AK
Genevieve Knudson Juneau, AK
Johan Dybdahl Juneau, AK
Ladonna Dybdahl Hoonah, AK
Jessie Dybdahl Hoonah, AK
Bertina Johnson Hoonah, AK
Jennifer Brown Sitka, AK
Lowell Halverson Arlington, WA
June Haught Tunnelton, WV

Door Prize- $100.00

Gerald Gray III Metlakatla, AK
Magna Carteeti Anchorage, AK
Shawna Howland Hoonah, AK
Alice Charles Anchorage, AK
Daniel Miyasato Jr. Juneau, AK
Laura Mills Hoonah, AK
Margery Knudson Anchorage, AK
Travis Dybdahl Juneau, AK
Dennis Lindoff Gresham, OR
Chad Sherman Sr. Concrete, WA

The early bird and door prizes were open to all shareholders who voted in the annual election, either in person at the meeting or by proxy. You did not need to be present to win. They will be mailed out on Monday, June 18, 2018 to the addresses on file. Winners should contact our office with questions!

Other prizes were given away in person at the Annual Meeting, including: a roundtrip ticket on Alaska Seaplanes won by Harriet Leblanc, an ISP Jacket won by Mildred Jack, an ISP Dinner for two at Duck Point Smokehouse won by Frank Wright, an ISP Neighbors Day tickets for two won by Marilyn Hillman. A $100 Visa gift card won by Bambi Jack, and two $50 visa gift cards won by Geraldine Wallace and Marjorie Dick.