Annual Meeting - Early Bird and Door Prize Winners

Gunalchéesh to everyone that attended our Annual Meeting June 15, 2019!

Our 2019 Early Bird and Door Prize winners are as follows:

Early Bird- $200.00

Brooke Lampe Hoonah, AK
Angela McIntosh
D'lberville, MS
Amanda McKinley
Juneau, AK
Donna Willard
Hoonah, AK
Samson Howard
Wasilla, AK
Oliver Felton
Homer, AK
Jeremy Dandoy
Las Vegas, NV
Robert Wolfe
Hoonah, AK
Ernest Moy
Federal Way, WA
Sarah Lampe Hoonah, AK

Door Prize- $100.00

Tauno Hill
Juneau, AK
Thomas James
Hoonah, AK
John Hanson Anchorage, AK
Edna Dick Hoonah, AK
Victor Bean Jr. Hoonah, AK
Gary Brown Sr. Hoonah, AK
Gregory Martin  Juneau, AK
Joseph Robison Mt. Vernon, WA
Karen Hinchman Hoonah, AK
Sueann Gregory Juneau, AK

Early bird winners and door prizes were open to all shareholders who voted in the annual election, either in person at the meeting or by proxy. You did not need to be present to win. They will be mailed out on Monday, June 17, 2019 to the addresses on file. Winners should contact our office with questions! Early bird deadline was May 10, 2019.

Other prizes were given away in-person at the Annual Meeting, included: a round-trip ticket on Alaska Seaplanes won by Geraldine Cheslock, an ISP Dinner for two at Duck Point Smokehouse won by Hattie Dalton, an ISP Dinner for two at Duck Point Smokehouse won by Cornelia Koenig, and an ISP Tour of Choice by Marilyn Hillman.