February 2018 SST Distribution Announced $12.59/unit

The Huna Totem Shareholder Settlement Trust Board of Trustees met on February 6, 2018, and in accordance with the Trust’s distribution policy, declared the third and final 2017 dividend distribution amount of $1,102,884 to unitholders, or $12.59 per unit, with a record date of February 6, 2018. Combined with the first and second distribution of the year, this provides a total distribution to unitholders of $17.09 for 2017, $10.67 more than was paid in 2016.

“Our fiduciary obligation as stewards of the Shareholder Settlement Trust is to maintain a long-term investment strategy, ensuring our unitholders and descendants will prosper from future earnings of the Trust. We are excited to see that this investment strategy continues to pay meaningful dividends to unitholders,” said Trust Chair, Ed Davis.

“The purpose of the Shareholders Settlement Trust, as established by the Board of Directors in 1995, is to provide an additional source of cash for unitholders in perpetuity,” said Huna Totem President & CEO, Russell Dick. “Our continued goal is to create stable and growing dividends through improvement of Trust policies that provide growth in assets for future generations.”

Checks will be mailed and direct deposit accounts will be credited on Thursday, February 15, 2018. Shareholders not currently benefiting from our direct deposit services are encouraged to register on the Huna Totem Corporation’s shareholder portal www.myhunatotem.com or contact Katelyn Savland, Shareholder Relations Manager, at the Huna Totem Corporate office before February 12, 2018 to enroll.