Huna Totem Announces November 2018 SST Distribution $5.15/unit

The Huna Totem Corporation Shareholders Settlement Trust, Board of Trustees met on November 6, 2018, and, in accordance with the Trust’s distribution policy, declared a distribution in the amount of $451,140, or $5.15 per unit, to unit holders with a record date of November 6, 2018. This distribution is the second of three potential dividend distributions for calendar year 2018 Trust earnings. The third and final distribution for calendar year 2018 is scheduled for February 15, 2019 and based on total earnings for calendar year 2018.

The August and November 2018 combined distribution represents $8.01 per unit, a 78% increase over the $4.50 per unit for the same period in 2017; and a 136% increase over the $3.39 per unit for the same period in 2016.

As required by the Trust review policy, the Board of Trustees have initiated the 10-year review process and will provide further updates in the February 2019 newsletter. This review process will culminate in a vote by the unit holders in November 2019. “How we evaluate the Trust’s performance and improve upon its structure could provide even greater benefit to today’s owners and future generations. Our continued goal is to create stable and growing dividends through improvement of Trust policies that provide growth in assets for future generations,” said Huna Totem President & CEO, Russell Dick.

Checks will be mailed and direct deposit accounts will be credited on Thursday, November 15, 2018. Shareholders not currently benefiting from our direct deposit services are encouraged to register on Huna Totem Corporation’s shareholder portal or contact Katelyn Savland, Shareholder Relations Manager, at the Huna Totem Corporate office before November 10, 2018 to enroll.