One of the many benefits Huna Totem Corporation provides its shareholders is employment opportunities with their corporate office and affiliated businesses.

Hiring Preference

Huna Totem Corporation’s policy promotes the hiring of and preference for qualified HTC shareholders, shareholder spouses, descendants, other ANCSA corporation shareholders, and Alaska Natives.

For example: when two candidates meet the same qualifications for the position description being recruited, the shareholder will be given preference over the non-shareholder candidate with the same qualifications.

Huna Totem also advocates for and promotes the utilization of shareholder-owned and shareholder-descendant-owned companies and professionals, other Native owned businesses, and those whose business practice demonstrates the hiring of Huna Totem shareholders and their descendants.

To apply, please download our Huna Totem Corporation Job Application.

Current openings within Huna Totem Corporation

Current openings within HunaTek (federal contracting subsidiary company owned by Huna Totem Corporation)