Our Mission and Vision

The culmination of nearly a year’s worth of focused effort in 2012, the Vision reflects the input many of you have provided through 2011’s shareholder survey, as well as the formal and informal comments, concerns, and dreams you have shared with your elected Board members, management, and staff.

Our Vision has three parts:

  • The Vision Statement expresses an inspiring future direction for Huna Totem. It is deliberately aspirational and far-reaching in order to motivate the highest levels of performance and achievement by the organization and its people.
  • The Mission Statement expresses how we will achieve this Vision. The actions (business excellence, sustainable economic growth, leadership, and education) outlined in the Mission Statement drive the business objectives and strategic plan that will guide the organization over the next 5-10 years.
  • The Guiding Principles summarize the non-negotiable, inviolate values of Huna Totem Corporation. Each of us is responsible for upholding these Principles. These will not be sacrificed nor compromised in pursuit of our business objectives.

Recording and sharing our new Vision will ensure that we are all paddling in the same direction, toward our Strategic Objectives of: Financial strength; Diversified revenue sources; Consistent, robust cash flow; and Investment in the Xúna Kaawu.

Our Vision assists the Board and management as they make strategic and operational decisions. Sharing our Vision with HTC’s employees and business partners helps create cohesion, teamwork and community; and guide all of us toward HTC’s 80th Anniversary.


We envision a future where the economic and cultural achievements of the Xúna Kaawu are recognized as the standard of excellence in the advancement of Native People.


To advance the economic aspirations and culture of the Xúna Kaawu through business excellence, sustainable economic growth, leadership, and education.

Guiding Principles

  • Maintain our land in perpetuity.
  • Take pride in our past and value the wisdom of our elders.
  • Foster woosh jee een and diversity of thought.
  • Perpetuate our culture and land through prudent stewardship.
  • Grow a healthy, diversified business that is transparent, innovative, and self-sustaining.
  • Continually think ahead and act on behalf of future generations.
  • Improve opportunity for all our people.
  • Show respect, integrity, and be self-accountable.