Huna Totem Corporation operations consist of many moving pieces including tourism, asset management, and real estate and land management, to name a few.

Huna Totem Corporation’s primary operations currently consist of the following:

  • Icy Strait Point– Alaska’s only privately owned cruise ship destination is located in Hoonah.  Icy Strait Point caters to cruise line guests and provides unique experiences for passengers by sharing Hoonah’s history, culture, wildlife, and hospitality;
  • Alaska Native Voices– Heritage guides provide cultural interpretation in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.  The guides are experienced in sharing the history of Glacier Bay, the home of the Xúna Kaawu, and also give guests a glimpse of the culture of the Huna Tlingit;
  • Our Land– As one of Huna Totem Corporation’s most precious assets, the land allotted to Huna Totem Corporation will be protected in perpetuity by Huna Totem Corporation, in accordance with Huna Totem Corporation’s guiding principles;
  • Shareholder Settlement Trust– A trust established and voted on by shareholders in 1994, the Shareholder Settlement trust was established to fuel future cash distributions to shareholders.
  • Elder’s Benefit Trust– A trust established and voted on by shareholders in 2003 that provides a one-time payment of $1,500 to the original shareholders of Huna Totem Corporation upon turning 65.
  • Commercial, Real Estate, and Leasing– Huna Totem Corporation gains revenue from the management and leasing of its assets, including the Huna Kaawu Hit building and the Hoonah Post Office;
  • Investment Portfolio- Huna Totem Corporation’s investment portfolio is divided among a mixture of fixed income and equities;
  • Glacier Bay National Park Concession– A joint venture in which Huna Totem Corporation holds 35% interest.  The contract allows for the the operation of the lodge and concessions in Glacier Bay National Park;