Investment Portfolio

One of Huna Totem’s investment categories is the management of its investment portfolio. The investment portfolio is divided between a mixture of fixed income and equities.

We work closely with our investment advisor, UBS, to ensure HTC monies are prudently invested in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement. The Investment Policy Statement was reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors in 2013.

The investment portfolio remains in alignment with the Investment Policy Statement target allocation across five investment classes: i) U.S. equities (stocks); ii) non-U.S. equities (foreign stocks); iii) U.S. fixed income (bonds); iv) alternatives (e.g. real estate, private equity, hedge funds, tactical allocations); and v) cash equivalents (U.S. Treasuries, money market funds.) Funds are presently managed by 11 separate investment managers recommended by our investment advisor and approved by the Board.